Monday, 18 August 2008

Creeping statism

"Compel sex lessons at 11,says Government report"
Eleven-year-old school children should be forced to undergo sex education regardless of their parents' wishes, a Government-funded report says.
What we're never likely to be shown is the evidence that it's actually the children who aren't having the government's brand of sex education who are the ones spreading the various STDs that "solutions" like this are meant to solve.

The "big picture" trend here is this one: every societal problem has the same solution: more government control over more and more areas of life that every sane person used to know was none of their business. Because government solutions in our day are normally humanistic ones devised in ignorance of the realities about man and his creation, the result is predictable: more societal problems, leading to more such solutions, leading to... and so on.

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