Saturday, 31 May 2008

The agents of tolerance strike again

Owners of large estates who open them to the public are exempted from inheritance tax, because of this public benefit. The Christian Institute is reporting that the "gay rights" group, Stonewall, is seeking to ask the treasury whether it can withdraw this exemption from Earl, because the said Earl doesn't agree with their views. The Earl in question is the Earl of Devon, and has already lost £200,000 a year in income for his estate because Devon County Council cancelled his licence to hold marriage ceremonies on his estate, because he would only allow actual marriage and not the state's newly invented "homosexual partnerships". That loss, though, was not enough for Stonewall, who want to see him hit harder, even without any apparent legal basis for doing so.

Ah, the agents of tolerance strike again. Or maybe I should say, the agents of mendacity. When their opinions were in the minority, they preached tolerance to those of different persuasions. Now that their friends are in power, they wish the state to carry out vindicative campaigns of persecution against those who don't tow the line.

Over the future years, Western secular democracies will see the continuance of an already well-advanced trend: the demand by homosexuals and other sexual deviants that they should be awarded "super-rights", trumping any other group, such that anyone who dares to disagree with them is officially persecuted at all possible levels. Arguments based on "tolerance" will gradually give way to arguments based on "intolerance": those who don't hold the "right" (as decided by us!) opinions should be punished. Christians will need to be increasingly aware of what's going on so that they can effectively resist it.

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