Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Fool Hath Said...

My online friend Charles Collins has begun blogging his way through Professor Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" and Professor Alister McGrath's "The Dawkins Delusion".

In his opening post, he makes a good point about atheist claims that they are "free" thinkers, whose position is more neutral (especially as far as raising their own children) goes:

"I am not sure if Dawkins has children, but every parent brings up their
offspring based of the set of values they have. I brought my children
up to go to church because I believe in God and believe He is worthy of
our worship. I dare say, Dawkins [if he has children] didn’t bring them
up to go to worship God in church each Sunday because he doesn’t
believe in a God who is worthy of our worship. He is inflicting his
values upon his children, just as much as I am."

Religious neutrality cannot strictly exist - either you render worship to God, or you withhold it from him; middle ground is impossible. Similarly, with children, either you show them by example that God is worthy of their worship, or you show them that he isn't.

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